Private Invitation For Bret’s Subscribers ONLY. Video length: 5min 17sec.

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Full One-Day Training On The Gold Coast – 31st May – 80 Seats Only.

VENUE: Vibe Hotel – 42 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 0755390444

TIME: 8:00am registration for 8:30am SHARP start. Finish: 5:00pm

Come and join this exclusive training with…

Bret Thomson
“Master of Words”
Bret Thomson
Aaron Sansoni
“Sales King”
Aaron Sansoni

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover…

  • YOU’LL RECEIVE the entire marketing campaigns we used to boost our clients sales to $1.6 Million in 2-weeks PLUS everything we did to make them $15-million in one month! Every email, letter, postcard, envelope inserts, the works! That sales copy is worth over $100,000 of my time, but yours FREE just for attending
  • Simple truth! Without a well-crafted marketing & sales funnel pumping you new QUALIFIED business, you’ll ALWAYS be doing it the hard, slow and expensive way (And that’s not your style!)
  • PLUS, without a high-converting marketing and sales system, you’ll always pay waaaay too much for traffic… or waste countless hours on social media… only to settle for small results and low returns
  • JUST ONE other compelling reason to attend is that Aaron Sansoni’s fee (that dozens of happy clients pay) is $25,000 per DAY! Making him one of the highest paid consultants in Australia!
  • SORRY, but… If one of your competitors attends this training while you’re NOT there, you’ll have to sit back and watch them dominate your market so effectively that you’ll probably cry!
  • You’ll discover the LATEST proven ways to create irresistible offers that your market will immediately jump on (Note: What worked 12months ago isn’t converting now, so you NEED this!)
  • Aaron will inject you with a permanent, high-voltage self-esteem and self-confidence SHOT so you’ll be able to instantly RAISE your prices (even double or triple) without any fallout!
  • I’m going to give you the HOLY GRAIL of marketing! You might not even know you need this, but I know you do! It’s “Marketing-Clarity!” You’ll know exactly how to effortlessly introduce your products and quickly turn leads into paying clients!
  • The one single tweak that’ll make your website and squeeze pages instantly convert more (possibly even double) and NO it’s NOT with better sales copy or a more irresistible offer!
  • The only other way to catch this exclusive high-end training is to wait 3-6months until it’s for a sale as a $3,000 homestudy course! (It’s smarter to save your money and learn this now, not in 6months)
  • You’ll know how to comfortably SELL on the phone, face-to-face, live from stage, on a webinar, and negotiate better business deals! (These lessons will be permanent and always PAY YOU for life)
  • A case against “Building your list” We’re going to show you how to make 10x more sales and profits from your existing list, and why that’s waaaay smarter than trying to grow your list by 10 times!
  • Like you, we’re in the trenches EVERYDAY working with some of the smartest cats in the world. This is the first time we’ve come out to do a live training, so you’d better do whatever you can to get there because it’ll be TOP LEVEL content, that much I can promise!
  • Do you email your list enough? I’ve got a strong hunch you don’t. I’m going to show you my system of doing this with ease, so you NEVER feel stuck or worry about what to write in your emails, and always have a constant flow of regular contact and sales
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