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February 14th, 2012 |


Can You Pick The Winner?

See if you can pick the winning “Subject
line” that got a whopping 54% increased
open & click through rate than the other!

I had an idea that sounded pretty insane …

But I thought I’d give it a go anyway…

The risk of it not working… or being a raving success…

Believe it or not… lies in your hands.

Then I had another ripper idea…

Actually… this next idea kept me up in the wee hours of the morning scribbling hieroglyphics on my trusty bedside notepad.

Ahh… the 3am brain snap ideas! Amazing clarity.

You know, I reckon it’s true… notes taken in the early hours of the morning hardly need editing!

So where was I? Oh yeah… So do you wanna know what my idea is?

I bet you do… but not so fast my eager friend.

I wanna see how this one flies first. Test the waters.

So as most copywriters love to say, “Let me explain”…

It started like this…

First up – I love split testing.

Trying to choose what headline, offer, design, subject line, whatever, will resonate best with the mass market… fascinates me!

It gives the grey cerebral matter between my ears a grilling work out.

I love the challenge of trying to pick the winner!

But believe it not… (This may shock you)…my guesses are not always right!

Weird huh?

Another one of life’s hard-to-grasp mysteries…

Up there with the pyramids.

Anyway. Moving on…

A few weeks back I sent an email out to all my intelligent, marketing savvy subscribers.

The email was pointing to a recent blog post I did.

I thought I’d split test 2 different subject lines.

Subject line (A):

How To Belt A Home Run With Your Next Promotion

Subject line (B):

Open This To See Some Killer Sales Copy Examples


It was the same email, just a different subject line.

Now here’s where it gets interesting…

I thought I had a pretty good idea of which one would get a higher open rate.

But this time I was actually wro… wr…wr…wro… wron…

I was in correct.

And yes… I know what you’re thinking…

I checked, and it wasn’t a technical glitch.

Fact was… I had to face defeat.

Think you can do better?

Alright wise guy (or gal)…I’ll give you a chance to guess… Let’s see how YOU go, okay?

Wait. To be fair… you need to know more about the people who are on my email list.

Otherwise your guess will be a blind stab in the dark.


Here’s a realistic snapsh ot profile of my email subscribers. They are…

  • 38% more intelligent than most people
  • 92% better chance of succeeding in life
  • Have a razor sharp marketing mind
  • Dedicated to higher conversions for themselves or clients
  • A mix of copywriters, consultants, coaches, business owners, Internet marketers & speakers
  • Some frustrated employees looking to break free and have more control over their income
  • People I’ve stolen from Pete Godfrey’s list
  • Members of my famous (and underpriced) coaching & mentoring program
  • Owners of my signature product
  • Secretly wish they were Jack Bauer from 24
  • And one other thing… My accurate statistics prove that their chances of having a massive financial windfall increased by 273% as soon as they joined my list. True story.

All in all…

They’re all fellow “Direct Response Marketing Junkies” with a ravenous appetite for any hints, tips or ideas that’ll boost conversions…

Righty-o, enough rambling…

Now before you skip ahead and test your skills… I want you to promise me you’ll read the second part of this post.

Remember? When I mentioned my crazy idea earlier? Yeah, that part.

I want you to contribute something in the comment box below when this is over.

Don’t’ be scared. If you’re smart, (which you obviously are because you’re reading my blog), then you’ll see the benefit of doing it…

Geeez… I’m pushy aren’t I?

No harm intended… but feel free to feel guilty if you don’t.

Okay, are you ready?

Let’s see how you go…

Pick the winner…

Here are the stats.

One of these subject lines got a:
37.3% open rate – and a 15.8% click rate

The other one got a:
57.4% open rate – and a 23.5% click rate

But which one was it? A or B?

Pick the winner...
Subject line (A):
How To Belt A Home Run With Your Next Promotion
Subject line (B):
Open This To See Some Killer Sales Copy Examples
Question 1 Explanation: 

Correct answer was (B)
That’s a massive 54% increase on getting the email opened... and a further 51% of people clicked the link! Worthwhile test? Hell yes!


Okay… so how did you go?

But before you get ahead of yourself… remember… no two lists are the same.

What works for my list may not work for yours! The key is to do your own spilt testing!

Which brings me to my next point.

… That idea that’s been rattling around in my skull for a few days…

First up, did you like that I shared my spilt test results with you? Yes or no?

Would you like to see more? Yes or no?

Good. Look, I’m happy to do that… but think about this…

Imagine if you got to see a whole bunch of split test results in one place? Not just from me… but from a whole swag of fellow marketers and copywriters?

Is it only me… or would that be ultra- cool?

Let me unfold my idea more so you can see how it relates to you…

It starts like this… I’m challenging anyone reading this post to contribute and leave their own split testing result in the comment box below.

Be it a… subject line, headline, price test, whatever.

But it starts with you.

No wait. I’ll break the ice first… I’ll put my #1 highest opened subject line below. Just to make you feel better….

But then you’re next, cool?

Relax… You don’t have to show the % stats if you don’t want. Up to you…

This is not an ego-stroking competition. Forget that.

Just a community of fellow savvy marketing fiends sharing and growing together…

What do you reckon… You in or what?

If this works…then you’ll LOVE my next idea!!

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. If you don’t do split testing or don’t have a business yet… but you enjoyed the post… then don’t keep it to yourself. Let me know below… And spread the love baby!

P.P.S. If you’re not already on my email subscribers… then you’re missing out on all my hot-off-the-press, in-the-trenches, sizzling hot direct response insights. I’ll make it easy for you by letting you join below

And don’t worry. I won’t email you every day. I should. But I don’t. Catchya…

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