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February 27th, 2014 |

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How To Get A Near-Perfect Video In Minutes!

I don’t ever write a sales letter WITHOUT a video script these days.

Same goes with my Project Success team.

When I suggest using video to clients, I’m usually met with these objections…

–       I’ll need time to organise the right equipment

–       I don’t really know what to say

Let’s tackle the first objection…

In most cases, you don’t need to waste money on expensive cameras, lights or a green screen.

Look, there are two (and only two) critical factors for a good quality video.

Lighting and sound.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars decking out the garage with expensive lights, backdrops, stands, and audio gadgets.

Waste of money.

First up, here’s the BEST solution for perfect lighting…

Walk outside around 5:30pm.

This natural daylight around 5:30pm (approx.) is the most flattering time for video.

And it’s free!

The techy-term for this time-period is “Tungsten Lighting” and it gives off natural, bronzed, warm tones.

Warm tones are A LOT more flattering (and forgiving) than fluorescent lighting.

Also, all I use is my iPhone or iPad camera.

With sound, well, ideally, you should use an audio jack that sits on your collar.


I’ve found if I stand no more than 1 to 1.3 meters away from the iPhone (Any further away will lesson the sound), then the sound is great.

And that’s it!

Project your voice, inject enthusiasm and most of all, be yourself. Authenticity is magnetic.

As for the script…

Well… there’s a well-researched science behind captivating video scripts…

(Especially if you’re trying to move people to action)

It is teachable, takes time and practise to perfect, however…

… If you want my team or I to write your video scripts for you… For your home page, opt-in offer, upsell, down-sell, product pages (or whatever)…

… Then here’s what to do…

Follow this link to see how we can work together

Most importantly…

If you know you need to do videos, but you’re procrastinating… Then use this email as an ass-kicking-motivator to take action!

Stop over thinking it.

Remember… A video that’s only 80% good sure beats having no video at all.

Till next time…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. Disclaimer: I’m no video techy (at all)… I’m more about implementing fast instead of waiting for perfection. You’ll always feel better for taking action.

Still need help? No problem. Always happy to help you out with your next project…

Here’s the link to see how we can work together

(The video on that link was with my iPhone, natural tungsten light and no audio tricks)

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