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I loved it to death (literally)

March 18th, 2014 |

I loved it to death (literally)

addited to computer

I held on too long… and choked the life out of it…

Running on blind passion fuelled by an 8-year obsession with daily motivation books, audios, DVDs and seminars…

…I eagerly dived headfirst into my first REAL business.

Since it was my first shot at a business, I thought,

“I know, maybe I’ll start with… Trying to change the WORLD”

Made perfect sense.

My plan was to run personal development workshops for kids between 7 and 13…

…And fill them up with all the vital life-skills missing from the typical schooling curriculum.


  • Self Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Communication skills
  • Overcoming fear
  • Setting goals
  • And so on…

Told all my friends, family (even strangers) about my vision and I got a resounding,

“HELL YEAH BRET! Sounds awesome!”

(Just like I thought).

Chest puffed out, I walked up to my boss and announced my resignation.

I thought I’d share my vision with him at the same time…

Maybe he didn’t hear me properly, or something?

He didn’t seem impressed one bit.



For the next 3 months, I contacted every person who LOVED my idea and encouraged them to enrol their kids/s into my first 2-day workshop.

Insert: “Sound of a Cricket”

Dismal response, on all counts…

I bashed my knuckles on the doors of all the local schools…

(Surely they’ll be keen)

… But I was quickly tangled up in more red tape than even a rich politician could escape from…

You see…

Everyone LOVED my idea… But no one was prepared to pay for it.

After 4 months, my funds were dangerously low…

Go here for the full story of my marketing turnaround from $16K to $200K+ in 12months

I needed help…

I tracked down Australia’s best marketing gurus, like Mal Emery and Andrew & Daryl Grant.

These guys were the first people who told me straight…

My business model SUCKED!

They then mumbled some fluff about needing a better marketing system, or some gibberish.

Boy, weren’t they disillusioned…

Little did they know I was standing on the shoulders of great men, like…

Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Maxwell Maltz, Anthony Robbins, David Schwatz, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, and more…

How could it NOT work?

I had determination, perseverance, confidence, stamina, vision, belief, motivation and INTEGRITY.

On top of that… it was my PASSION… So there!

I loved my business idea

I loved it… to death.

After 12months, while raising my 3 sons who were (and still are) my primary motivation, I made a total of…

$16,017 for the year

Had to move back into my parent’s house.

At 33.

And that’s when I decided to learn direct-response marketing.

Go here for the full story of my marketing turnaround from $16K to $200K+ in 12months

Today’s lesson… Don’t fall in love with your product.

You can have all the altruistic, noble, philanthropic qualities out there…

But to succeed in business… First and foremost… you need to know direct–response marketing.

Here’s your best way to startClient Rush 3D Book

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. When you order, I’m looking forward to sitting down at my desk and writing you a personal message, in your new book 

Are you guilty of LAZY marketing? (Avoid this)

March 5th, 2014 |

Are you guilty of LAZY marketing? (Avoid this)

dog lazy shutterstock_176223206

 Why Being A Slack Marketer Can STUNT Conversions

All the pros tell you to swipe winning headlines and tweak them for your own…

Makes sense right?

Some of the most ripped off headline templates are over 30-years old.

But be warned… Just because something worked 30-years ago doesn’t mean it would work in today’s market.

In fact, something that worked 12 months ago might not cut it in today’s market…

Truth is… Your market-audience is getting wiser.

No doubt, your competitors are rehashing the same BIG benefits and promises you are…

Your market is becoming more sophisticated.

Their advertising-intelligence is evolving.

And they’ve been numb to the hype for years.

Take this in, please…

Their awareness is moving to higher stages… and with that… your marketing has to evolve also…

If you’re just starting… sure… use an old template, because it’s probably a safer bet than a rookie ‘opinion-based’ headline.

No ribbing from me if you do…

However… for you sophisticated marketers… especially if you’re in a mature, competitive market…

… Then you need a new hook.

Eugene Schwartz, in his all-time-classic book, “Breakthrough Advertising” called it a ‘Mechanism’.

Meaning, you need a new element to hook your reader.

The weight loss industry passed through the BIG BENEFIT stage…

How many times have you seen promises like this?

“Lose 10kg in 10-Weeks”

They have to fight between the other 10,000 businesses promising the same thing…

The smarter marketers evolved to adding a new mechanism as the hook, to differentiate themselves, like…

“A Secret Nutrient Discovered In A Fruit Only Found In A Remote Tropical Island Off Hawaii That Strips Fat Without Exercise”

And so on… you get the idea…

And when that level of awareness tires out, then you have to adapt again…

Keep current… And keep testing fresh new appeals to your audience, so your conversions are growing not declining…Client Rush 3D Book

I’ve got a crash-course, cheat-sheet tutorial on how to write killer headlines.

You’ll get it all on pages 54 to 73 when you order my book Client Rush

Inside that section are about 50 of the best headlines to “Inspire” you for ideas…

And they’ll also sharpen your skills for email subject lines and bullet points.

Till next time…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. My post-office day is tomorrow and I’ve got a bundle of new book orders (personally signed) I’m mailing out, so if you want me to add your book, then follow this link to order it now

The Best Lighting For Videos

February 27th, 2014 |

The Best Lighting For VideosFilm Clapboard

How To Get A Near-Perfect Video In Minutes!

I don’t ever write a sales letter WITHOUT a video script these days.

Same goes with my Project Success team.

When I suggest using video to clients, I’m usually met with these objections…

–       I’ll need time to organise the right equipment

–       I don’t really know what to say

Let’s tackle the first objection…

In most cases, you don’t need to waste money on expensive cameras, lights or a green screen.

Look, there are two (and only two) critical factors for a good quality video.

Lighting and sound.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars decking out the garage with expensive lights, backdrops, stands, and audio gadgets.

Waste of money.

First up, here’s the BEST solution for perfect lighting…

Walk outside around 5:30pm.

This natural daylight around 5:30pm (approx.) is the most flattering time for video.

And it’s free!

The techy-term for this time-period is “Tungsten Lighting” and it gives off natural, bronzed, warm tones.

Warm tones are A LOT more flattering (and forgiving) than fluorescent lighting.

Also, all I use is my iPhone or iPad camera.

With sound, well, ideally, you should use an audio jack that sits on your collar.


I’ve found if I stand no more than 1 to 1.3 meters away from the iPhone (Any further away will lesson the sound), then the sound is great.

And that’s it!

Project your voice, inject enthusiasm and most of all, be yourself. Authenticity is magnetic.

As for the script…

Well… there’s a well-researched science behind captivating video scripts…

(Especially if you’re trying to move people to action)

It is teachable, takes time and practise to perfect, however…

… If you want my team or I to write your video scripts for you… For your home page, opt-in offer, upsell, down-sell, product pages (or whatever)…

… Then here’s what to do…

Follow this link to see how we can work together

Most importantly…

If you know you need to do videos, but you’re procrastinating… Then use this email as an ass-kicking-motivator to take action!

Stop over thinking it.

Remember… A video that’s only 80% good sure beats having no video at all.

Till next time…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. Disclaimer: I’m no video techy (at all)… I’m more about implementing fast instead of waiting for perfection. You’ll always feel better for taking action.

Still need help? No problem. Always happy to help you out with your next project…

Here’s the link to see how we can work together

(The video on that link was with my iPhone, natural tungsten light and no audio tricks)

Your Baby Is Ugly (Tough Love)

February 20th, 2014 |

Your Baby Is Ugly (Tough Love)

Man as baby_Vignette

Hard-Ass Marketing Advice For Thick-Skinned Readers


I wasn’t the most popular kid on the block last week…

One after the other, a bunch of enthusiastic business owners fronted up on a Skype call with me to see if they qualified for my Super-Six coaching program…

They proudly shared their business idea with me, like it was their first-new-born baby…

Then came the hardest part in my profession.

I had to tell them their baby was ugly.


I first heard my ol’ mentor Mal Emery say, “No one likes being told their baby is ugly”.

Damn right.

But in the marketing game, you need a tough, straight-shooting coach, or you could lose money faster than a reckless gambler…

And just as risky if you ask me…

Remember all those horrifically painful (and hilarious) auditions on ‘Australian Idol’, by obviously “musically-challenged” wanna-bes?

Question… Where were their TRUE friends to stop them from publically humiliating themselves, huh?

Disillusionment at it’s best!

And now they’re scarred for life (thanks to YouTube).

In case you’re wondering… If I was to look at your website or review your marketing strategy, I don’t take the ‘warm, fuzzy, sugar-coated’ approach…

My critiques may come across harsh and blunt, but it’s tough love… and at least you know where you stand… and how to improve it fast!

Just this week, I turned one client’s business model on its head and mapped out his entire funnel… The RIGHT way.


He’ll make double the returns in 2-weeks (instead of 8 months).

The lesson? Strike when the iron is HOT.

Your clients are ‘generally’ the most excited on their first encounter with you.

As each day passes, their excitement level decreases. So don’t slow down the sales process of making your best offer…

Strike when the iron is HOT!

What I mean is… Email auto-responders are fantastic for building relationship and trust, but making your best offer, nice and early, is the smartest move…

You’ll make more moolah… and faster… plus you’ll help your client get faster results.


Okay, that’s enough for you to run with today.

But… if you need my help, keep reading…

If you want my masterful eye to review your website and sales pages, plus critique your marketing strategy, then I’m happy to do that…

… But there’s one small condition…

I have to be confident I can help you first.

Some ‘GURUS’ grab the purse no matter what.

Not me.

If I don’t think my ideas will help you make a significant financial difference… then no money will be exchanged.


Some of my Super Six applicants were blown away by the free advice I gave them, even though I still turned them down, wanting nothing in return.

You see, my goal is NOT to make more money… It’s to make more of a difference…

And the finances will take care of themselves.

That’s for another convo… Anyway, here’s what you should do next…

Shoot me an email at and I’ll email you back with the cost of my LIVE critique/strategy sessions.

No decision necessary on your part… I’ll just let you know what I’m offering and you can decide if it’s for you or not…

Easy. Zero pressure.

Talk soon…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. I’m only accepting 3 or 4 of these BIG IDEA/Critique sessions for Feb, so send me an email at and I’ll shoot you the details right away…

Is Your Brain Culling Your Sales Too?

February 18th, 2014 |

Is Your Brain Culling Your Sales Too?

shutterstock_86058322VignetteHere’s when OVER thinking will dry up your flow of sales like a barren, dusty riverbed.


After a flurry of back-to-back qualifying calls with dozens of the Super-Six coaching applicants…

… I was reminded of some old-school truths.

One of them being…

Don’t try to be TOO clever with your message.

It’s the curse of newbie-copywriters and ambitious business owners.

The obsession with using big, fancy words and clever twists will only suffocate your marketing efforts.

Strip your message raw, to the bone, and answer this question…

“What’s your big promise?”

What are you SPECIFICALLY promising your prospect?

Okay, imagine I’m your prospect…

Explain it to me (in simple language) like I was a fidgety, sugar-junkie-14-year-old-kid with ADHD.

(Don’t laugh, that’s the equivalent attention span of most adults today, so take it on board)

You’ve got 10 seconds of my attention – Don’t waste it. What have you got? – What’s the big promise?

Any mumbo-jumbo intellectual jargon is doing nothing more than feeding your own ego.

Any creative waffle is purely for your own entertainment.

Don’t compare yourself to your competitor.

Your game is not trying to impress them, or outsmart them…

You’re trying to impress me. Your purpose is to catch MY attention and interest. You want me to have clarity and desire to want to know more.

Don’t over think it.

A confused prospect never buys.

Shave down your message to the core promise and start from there.

Yes, there are more advanced, bolt-on techniques to make your message even more irresistible and compelling…

But this is the ONLY place to start.

Got it?

Look, if you wanna nail this (which most people need to) then here’s how…Client Rush 3D Book

You’ll learn all about these magnetic sales tactics when you flick over to Section 2 (page 35) of my marketing bible, “Client Rush”

And just like Joe Vitale (Featured on “The Secret”) said…

“You can no longer complain about needing more clients again because the answers are inside this book. An amazing jam-packed treasure-chest of ‘client-attraction’ tactics for you to immediately apply” – Joe Vitale

I’m heading to the post office tomorrow, so if you want me to send you your signed copy, click here now.

And yes, if you’re a kindle-lover, you can devour it on kindle as well…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. Come on… Go grab this book already 😉