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February 20th, 2014 |

Your Baby Is Ugly (Tough Love)

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Hard-Ass Marketing Advice For Thick-Skinned Readers


I wasn’t the most popular kid on the block last week…

One after the other, a bunch of enthusiastic business owners fronted up on a Skype call with me to see if they qualified for my Super-Six coaching program…

They proudly shared their business idea with me, like it was their first-new-born baby…

Then came the hardest part in my profession.

I had to tell them their baby was ugly.


I first heard my ol’ mentor Mal Emery say, “No one likes being told their baby is ugly”.

Damn right.

But in the marketing game, you need a tough, straight-shooting coach, or you could lose money faster than a reckless gambler…

And just as risky if you ask me…

Remember all those horrifically painful (and hilarious) auditions on ‘Australian Idol’, by obviously “musically-challenged” wanna-bes?

Question… Where were their TRUE friends to stop them from publically humiliating themselves, huh?

Disillusionment at it’s best!

And now they’re scarred for life (thanks to YouTube).

In case you’re wondering… If I was to look at your website or review your marketing strategy, I don’t take the ‘warm, fuzzy, sugar-coated’ approach…

My critiques may come across harsh and blunt, but it’s tough love… and at least you know where you stand… and how to improve it fast!

Just this week, I turned one client’s business model on its head and mapped out his entire funnel… The RIGHT way.


He’ll make double the returns in 2-weeks (instead of 8 months).

The lesson? Strike when the iron is HOT.

Your clients are ‘generally’ the most excited on their first encounter with you.

As each day passes, their excitement level decreases. So don’t slow down the sales process of making your best offer…

Strike when the iron is HOT!

What I mean is… Email auto-responders are fantastic for building relationship and trust, but making your best offer, nice and early, is the smartest move…

You’ll make more moolah… and faster… plus you’ll help your client get faster results.


Okay, that’s enough for you to run with today.

But… if you need my help, keep reading…

If you want my masterful eye to review your website and sales pages, plus critique your marketing strategy, then I’m happy to do that…

… But there’s one small condition…

I have to be confident I can help you first.

Some ‘GURUS’ grab the purse no matter what.

Not me.

If I don’t think my ideas will help you make a significant financial difference… then no money will be exchanged.


Some of my Super Six applicants were blown away by the free advice I gave them, even though I still turned them down, wanting nothing in return.

You see, my goal is NOT to make more money… It’s to make more of a difference…

And the finances will take care of themselves.

That’s for another convo… Anyway, here’s what you should do next…

Shoot me an email at and I’ll email you back with the cost of my LIVE critique/strategy sessions.

No decision necessary on your part… I’ll just let you know what I’m offering and you can decide if it’s for you or not…

Easy. Zero pressure.

Talk soon…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. I’m only accepting 3 or 4 of these BIG IDEA/Critique sessions for Feb, so send me an email at and I’ll shoot you the details right away…

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