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January 23rd, 2012 |

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Secret Ingredient For Belting Out A Home Run On Your Next Promotion

I was chatting to one of my copy-cub students this week. He was struggling with a piece of copy that wasn’t converting.

Couldn’t put his finger on it…

So he asked if I could run my masterful eye over it. He was hoping I could spot the leaking crack that flowed into the dark abyss of lost sales. Smart move.

So I checked it out. And there it was. Staring me in the face like a flashlight stunned Possum in the veggie patch.

You see… everything else in the copy was great. He tapped into the dominant emotion of the market with a crunching headline. Pulled them into a story from the get-go. Dug up all their objections, fears and desires. Transitioned into the solution like a seasoned pro. Drenched the piece with some undeniable proof to back it all up…

But just couldn’t drag them over the line…

So what was missing?

Lucky for you… my soon-to-be-enlightened-conversion-enthusiast… You’re about to find out.

Once I revealed this golden insight with my eager understudy, I thought why not share it here too?

Okay, enough stalling. Brace yourself…

Here’s what the missing ingredient was

He didn’t show them a R.O.I (return on investment).

Big mistake. Huge.

Showing your clients a R.O.I is a critical, powerful weapon to use in your copy to close a sale. Don’t forget this.

Let me show you how. To drive the point home… (You’re gonna love this)… I’ve even added in some examples from a couple of winning sales letters that I’ve personally written. Cool huh?

So let’s kick it off…

Okay, before I get started, let me drill this into your mind one more time so it sticks. Remember this..

Anytime You Can Show Your Prospect A

Return On Investment In Your Copy… DO IT”

In fact, go the extra mile to show them. This is one of the most powerful “copy clicks” you can ever use. Period.

To prove it… The kingpin of direct response copywriting, Dan Kennedy, rates the “ROI click” as one of his top five copy-clicks he uses every time he writes sales copy (as if you need any more convincing than that)

Think about the psychology behind it…

Keeping in mind that the majority of your prospects are secretly looking for reasons NOT to buy from you…

What do I mean? Well, let’s be honest here… Your prospects don’t spring out of bed in the morning looking to spend money with you, right?

Reality check:

If they can get the solution for free,

they’ll take it every time, no question.

So you need to knuckle down and work harder in your copy if you want them to part with their money.

Beware of the dangerous little voice in their head that whispers, “I don’t really need to spend money on this”.

It’s your job to silence that voice

Good news is… the ROI click can totally swing them around. If you can demonstrate (as simple as possible) how quickly and easy they can recoup the money they spend with you, then it could seal the deal.

That little voice will now say, “What have I got to lose? I’ll get my money back in X days/months, then I’ll be in front after that”

NOTE: If you hear more then two voices at the same time, please see a doctor immediately or stop smoking those “special” hand-rolled cigarettes.

Moving on… Let me give you an example of a ROI click. Sound okay?

The first example is from an ebook sales letter.

If you’ve seen me present on stage before… or watched my free-gift-DVD “How to write a winning sales letter”… then you may remember this example from the ‘Dog Breeding” letter.

Here’s how I used the “ROI click” for this $27 ebook

How this $27 ebook can make you $30,000

Then I got to thinking… now I know all the facts on dog breeding, and seeing that I LOVE the process…this little $27 ebook could make me some extra cash on the side. My calculations told me I could sell each puppy for around $1000 each, so with a litter of 11, that’s $11,000 for doing something I love.

Then my mind really started ticking over… I could do this several times per year and pocket around $30,000 and stay at home and enjoy life, instead of selling my soul to an unappreciative BOSS!

That example is pretty short and sweet – Probably all that’s needed for a $27 ebook. In hindsight, if I had taken the time to create a visual graph or table showing the profits, then it would convert even more.

Note to self: Go back and add a graph.

Okay, the next example is selling a high priced service for providing leads to financial planners.

As you’ll see, I’ve put a lot more emphasis on diagrams and tables to show the ROI. I’ve ripped out three pages from the letter for you to look at.

There’s a lot of great copy and psychology weaved through this example – so it’ll pay to read the lot. Yes, it’s long, but I had to convince the prospect to part with a lot of money here… so there is a lot more selling and convincing to do, so the copy needs to be longer to make the sale.

Example 1Example 2

Example 3

End of example.

There are stacks of great chunks of copy you can be “inspired” by in the above example. But most of all… look at the powerful demonstration of ROI.

Use it where you can. It works.

Till next time…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. Tell me… did you enjoy seeing real examples of some of my copy? Do you wanna see more like this? Let me know by leaving me a comment below. Cheers

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