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Looking for some hand-holding, easy to follow copywriting mentoring?

Are you smart enough to know that sharpening your copywriting skills could fill your bank account faster than you could drink from a fire hose?

Would you like to cram $50,000 worth of education into a manageable weekly “drip-fed” coaching program that’s stacked to the roof with REAL valuable bonuses worth over $3497.00? Then you’ll love this…

Join Bret’s Practical, Simple, Easy to Follow, “Hold-Your-Hand-At-Every-Step” Copywriting Mentoring Program

Since you’re here you’ve probably heard how I turned over nearly $200,000 in my first 18 months as a copywriter… It all started when i partnered up with a mate and we used my copywriting skills to rake in a cool $125,000 (in less than 5 months) with our own direct mail business… So I’m guessing you’re pretty keen to start getting similar (if not better) results! Am I right?

Good. Let me show you how I can best help you.

You see, some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Internet Marketers, seminar promoters and business Coaches use me as their personal copywriter. Now it doesn’t matter how good you talk yourself up… because when you’re dealing with this high caliber of clients…there’s no room for bluffing! You either get results – or you don’t!

As you can imagine, I’ve had so many people asking me, “How do I consistently do it?” or “can you show me how to get the same results?” that I’ve decided to put together this mentoring program. It’s a step-by-step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to make the big bucks from you writing your own persuasive copy that sells.

Perfect for business owners, entrepreneurs, copywriters, internet/affiliate marketers, ebay sellers, you name it!

As a VIP member of my mentoring program, here’s what you’ll get: Personal, One-On-One Coaching With My Killer Copy Coaches 

As a VIP member, you get 3 x 20 minute power phone sessions with one of my expert “Killer Copy Coaches”. You’ll be given your own personal log in details for access to our private meeting ground online, over at my Coaches Console. This is where you’ll book your calls…at times that suit you. And while you’re there you’ll have access to a host of personalised resources designed to give you a superior mentoring and coaching experience (all for FREE).

Together we’ll fast track your progress and get you writing world-class money-making copy, quicker and easier than you ever thought possible! I doubt you’ll ever find another mentoring program that gives you the opportunity to chat LIVE on the phone with a Killer Copy Coach…right when you need them! It just doesn’t happen in this industry. The value of this alone is priceless!! Weekly Eclasses Delivered Straight To Your Inbox 

Each weekly eclass has been purposefully designed for your ultimate accelerated learning experience. Hold on to your hat, this is “gloves off” power learning!

These eclasses take you step by step through the whole process, with heaps of examples, tools, tips, templates, and current usable insights. Not only will you learn what to do – you will also understand why you are doing it (the psychology behind it).

It’s a damn sight better way to learn than dumping a mother-load of files on you that’ll just collect dust in your hard drive (trust me…we’ve all been there!). Clear, Simple, Easy-To-Follow, Step-By-Step Process To Writing Persuasive Copy 

Most of the copywriting training out there is complex and hard to follow. Using my 5-step copywriting system you’ll be pumping out world-class sales letters, emails and ads bringing you a flood of profits.

Out of the 1001things to learn about copywriting (and there’s probably even more than that!)– I’ve mastered the 5 keys points that put money in my bank account faster than I could drink from a fire hose! And that’ll happen to you too when I take you through this process. Only difference is…you won’t have to invest $50,000+ on your education like I did. How To Get The” BIG IDEA” For Your Million Dollar Pay Day! 

So what makes world-class copy stand head and shoulders above the competition? Give up? It’s the big idea! The hook! The twist! The X factor that turns an unsuspecting prospect into a hungry and motivated customer…who won’t stop to blink an eyelid before throwing money your way!

And this is why some of the world’s best internet marketers pay me so much money!

Very rarely taught in this industry…as a VIP Member I’ll show you exactly how get the “big idea” quickly and easily! I’ll show you how to come up with the perfect angle for your sales promotion.

I’ve always said, “You are only one ‘big idea’ away from a million dollar pay day!” Critique And Review Of Your Sales Letter 

Using my world-class copywriting critique checklist – you’ll be able to pinpoint the missing elements in any piece of copy that crosses your path.

A simple process that could turn even the most ordinary sales letter or ad into a high yielding winning success that’ll impress even make the most seasoned copywriters! 559 World Class Winning Headline Templates 

You are just moments away from having a bank of the world’s most successful money making headlines ever created! It doesn’t get much easier for you than this. By using the “Just Add Water” principle, all you have to do is add your topic into these winning templates and “Presto” INSTANT headline! Enjoy… The Psychic Reading Questionnaire 

It’s the secret tool that all the pro-copywriters use…but rarely share!

How to get inside the mind of your client; how to enter into the conversation they’re having in their mind; to know how they feel, their needs, wants, fears and frustrations!

This questionnaire provides the questions that suck out everything you will ever need to know, so you can make instant emotional connection with your client. My Secret Set Of Rules On Graphics And Layout 

Probably one of the most overlooked and understated aspects of winning sales materials – even by most copywriters!

To make your sales material look professional, sharp and attractive you need to know and understand some basic layout principles. No use having world-class copy that gets lost in a messy, scrappy looking sales piece! 154 Brain-Busting Openers 

Never be stuck staring at the computer screen wondering what to write ever again. I’m giving you a key to the vault that holds 154 of the very best openings to sales letters that you will ever see. All for the taking! (Sshhh… Do you want to know a secret? You can use multiple opening ideas throughout the body of your copy to start off new paragraphs)

This is an awesome resource for you…Wait till you see it… you’ll know why! Advanced Subliminal Graphic Toolbox 

A collection of graphics, buttons, badges, arrows, bullet points, lines, symbols, guarantees, the works!

Believe it or not… by using the ‘right’ graphics in the ‘right’ places at the ‘right’ time… you will increase sales conversion and ultimately make truckloads more money.

This is subliminal emotional marketing at its best! If you nail this (like I will show you) then you can almost be ‘let off the hook’ with average writing skills AND still get more sales! 50 Explosive Guarantees 

Why waste countless hours tossing and turning trying to think of a creative guarantee when you can just scroll down this list and have one picked out in a matter of minutes… seconds even! Scarier the better!

Wait till you see some of the outrageous guarantees on this list… you can’t help but feel compelled to buy yourself. True story! Interviews With Key People 

Including world-renowned marketing experts, internet experts, copywriters, sales professionals, mindset gurus, you name it… many of whose names you already know and a whole lot more that you don’t.

Because things change so quickly in this industry, this is an invaluable way to keep up to date with trends and “the next big thing”. Techniques For Writing Quickly, Easily And Well… 

even if you’re hopeless with grammar and spelling!  These insider techniques will save you many hours of hard work, and allow you to have your sales material finished in record-breaking time – without sacrificing quality. 39 Awe Inspiring Credibility Builders 

Believability is key in writing copy that gets your prospects reaching for their wallet faster than Quick Draw McGraw. And here are 39 of the best credibility builders for you to pepper throughout your copy. 19 BONUS IDEAS (+ 1 Extra Special One) 

To add massive ‘perceived’ value –without costing you much money or time.

I’ve personally used these ideas for my own offline direct mail order business to sell a $498 product for $1497 PLUS I sold 3-6 times more than anyone else who was struggling to sell it at the old price! Key Elements And Rules For Newspaper/Offline Advertising 

What costly mistakes nearly all business owners make when advertising. What key elements you must NEVER miss when using offline ads. PLUS the ultimate advertising “tick list’ so you can create a winning ad every time! 457 “Cream of the Crop” Connectors 

Connectors are what keeps your readers eyeballs glued to the page. Sprinkle these throughout your copy and watch the money roll in! How And When To Use Audio And Video In Your Sales Materials 

Not only will you discover how to write compelling audio and video scripts, but also the mechanics and technical info you need to add it to your site for increased conversions. 67 Super HOT Subheads & Preheads 

No more breaking the flow of writing your killer copy to stop and think of the perfect subhead or prehead – here’s a list of 67 hot ones ripe for the picking! My “Fly On The Wall” Insiders Look Into Real Case Study Examples 

How would you like to pull up a chair next to me as I create a winning promotion? Or better still… have super-human powers so you could read my thoughts and ideas as I’m writing a sales letter? Well, this is as close as you’ll ever get to that happening.

Each month you will watch me (via video or Camtasia) dissect a piece of winning copy so you get to experience firsthand how pro copywriters create million dollar sales promotions! Just like a fly on the wall! 578 Silver Bullets 

Ah the magic silver bullet. Slay any objections your prospects may have with these “Fill In The Blank” Silver Bullet Templates. A must have in your copywriting arsenal! Full Access To My Members-Only Website 

I’m constantly updating this with super-valuable information about copywriting, marketing, cash-flow strategies, mind set and personal development insights, book and product reviews, and a whole lot more! 105 Colossal Closers 

Never be stuck for a closer again. These 105 colossal closers will wrap your copy up better than an elf on Christmas Eve. 144 Persuasive PS’s 

Trust me…the last word counts! A lot of people will skip all the way to the bottom of your letter before deciding whether to read it or not. Suck them in with one of these persuasive PS’s! Special Bonus For My Top Students 

I’ll get you high-paying copywriting jobs.

Of course I can’t make any guarantees – ultimately it comes down to how good you get! One thing I do know is this… the amount of copywriting jobs I have to refuse each month because I’m too busy would keep even the most seasoned copywriter financially chuffed!


If you can’t wait to get started and want instant access, simply click on the link below right now. You’ll then be taken to our secure area.

(Note: If you find that clicking the order button just causes this page to refresh, please try opening this page using Internet Explorer. Some other browsers – e.g. Firefox – are not supported by the secure server that we use. If you need help to do this, please email me at

Bret Thomson

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