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November 30th, 2010 |

Not sure if you know this or not? But get this…

A few months back, my good mate, client and marketing mentor, Mal Emery, set me a challenge.

He was doing a round of seminars across the county to hundreds of people. Here was his idea…

Mal: “Mate, why don’t you and I pick someone from the crowd and interview them about their business – then you can go lock yourself in your hotel room and write their full marketing campaign over night – then present it on stage the next day?”

Me: “Ummm…But… Mal, that amount of work usually takes around 3-4 weeks?”

Mal: “Yeah I know mate, but if anyone can do this… you can!”

Me: “Ohhhh… okay…. I’ll give it a go, but no promises okay?”

So get this… the first one was in Brisbane. Writing about a subject I had previously had no idea about – I managed to write all this in 24 hours:

– Long form sales letter (18 pages)
– Landing/squeeze page
– 3 x cover letters
– FAQ sheets
– Lead generation ad
– Tear sheet editorial
– Full page advertorial
– A5 double sided flyer
– 3 x auto responder emails
– Phone script
– Video scripts

Not only that, but when I finished… the quality of my copy was so high, that Mal gave it to all of his other copywriters as their “new standard” to write by.

Was it a fluke? Beginners luck maybe? I was about to find out.

I had to do the same thing in Melbourne a few weeks after (about a totally different niche) And guess what?

I nailed it again.

I ended up doing this 6 times all around the country – all for different businesses.

The experience nearly killed me. I’m talking zero sleep. I was lucky to string two words together when I had to present it all on stage.

But two great things came from this:

1. Sources tell me that the copy I wrote is now getting unbelievable never-before-seen response. So despite the mad rush – it’s working!

2. I was forced to create a formula for writing high quality compelling sales copy in warp speed time. A formula that I now teach others.

Anyway… in a few days I will let you know exactly how I did it. That way you can do the same and have a massive impact on your business. (This really works)

It’ll be no big surprise to you that I’ve turned it into a product, right? I mean… what kind of mentor would I be if I didn’t? But here’s the good news…

Weather you’re smart enough to buy it or not… regardless…. there will still be a HUGE lesson for you. That I can promise.

In fact… if you don’t pick up this powerful lesson after watching the promo video, then I’ll post something on the blog and let you know either way. Sound fair?

Pre warning: This is not you’re regular video… Quite different and entertaining.

Here’s something you should know: I just showed this video to a group of business owners at Mal Emery’s Platinum group in Perth.

Anyway, it created a frenzy of excitement. I was pretty stocked. But then Mal grabbed the microphone…

In front of everyone… he told me I was absolutely crazy for giving away so much information for such a small tiny low cost. (You’ve gotta love mentors, right?) But what happened next shocked me even more…

Some of the audience piped up and agreed with Mal? And these were people who immediately grabbed what I had – but told me they would have happily paid double, even triple the price.

Hhmmmmm… lesson for us all hey? Anyway…

After another private grilling from Mal, I’ve compromised and decided to keep it the same price until the first 500 spots are taken.

I could tell he still thought I was stupid… haha.

Till then, keep an eye out for my next post. Ill keep em as short as possible for you, okay?

Think big, Be different.


P.S. I’ve put my kids on this video. Very cute.

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