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July 24th, 2013 |

Horrible Timing…

A short lesson of life, motivation and success PLUS a solution to leap-frog dismal marketing results…

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Before I dive in, I want you to take note of something.

I could’ve easily used the headline: Good Timing…

And you know what?

The open rate of this post would have been drastically

Why? Because, us humanoids are more attracted to drama.

(That’s a keeper)

End of that lesson – Now to my main point…


I didn’t start listening to my Dad’s financial advice till my thirties.



I had to make enough colossal mistakes first UNTIL I was ready. And it wasn’t till then that things took off.

Another example…

‘Bout 7 years ago I forked out a thousand bucks on electric guitars for my twin boys.

And despite my encouragement… They played them for about 2 weeks (max)… never to be touched again…

… Gathering dust and often buried under dirty clothes…

7 years on… one of my boys got motivated to play. He now gets weekly lessons and yes, he SHREDS on the guitar.

(Urban definition of Shred: To play so amazingly fast on the guitar you almost destroy the strings)

What changed?


Last example…

A client approached me to write copy for his business.

He balked at my price.

I told him, Bad sales copy is more expensive“.

(Let that last sentence sink in a bit)

No matter. We happily parted on good terms.

2 years later… after he endured a long stretch of below average sales … he contacted me again.

I gave him my new price (significantly higher since last time).

He accepted.

And after my team and I worked our magic, he doubled his response, conversions and sales…

… Making him a cool $450,000 profit.

The difference?


It’s true you know… bad sales copy is more expensive in the long run.

Sure, you might save a splash of dollars on the front end… but boy will it cost you oceans of profits every day after.

Don’t let bad experiences be your compass in life.

If you needed heart surgery, would you give it to an unexperienced doctor with the lowest quote?

Same goes with your business.

Great sales copy and marketing is the heart of your success.

It has little to do with your product.

Too common a story is that of a superior product being convincingly outsold
by an average product with better marketing.

Sad but true. I don’t make the rules.

Your success can follow the trails of disaster – or can be bought forward
by intelligent thinking.

If the timing is right for you to take your business to nose-bleed heights, then
here’s the intelligent thing to do.

Follow the link below to my “Project Success” page to see if you qualify for my
team to write copy for your business.

Yes Bret, I’d love your team to boost response and sales for my business

This is where you submit an enquiry for my A-team of copywriters and
webmasters to work on your copywriting and marketing.

We have space for 2 or 3 projects over the next month or two, so jump in
quick and we can chat over Skype about how we can help your biz.

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. Best warn you first… we don’t take on every project – only the ones we
know we can hit out of the park! Yep, we pick our fights well.

Go here to find out how we can take your business to new heights

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