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December 10th, 2013 |

Strange Yet Powerful Motivators!

turtle vignetteThe surprising trigger that fires you (and your customers) into action

I’m not sure if this is bragging or embarrassing?

Here’s the story…

Every morning at 8am sharp I have a Skype meeting with one of my gun Copywriters, Selise.

Objective? To sort out my $#%!

Or to say it in more ‘proper’ terms, “To plan out my daily schedule.”

I swear my task list is the secret breeding ground that multiplies offspring faster than rabbits on heat!

Nonetheless, something strange happened yesterday that’ll surely help you…

It’s very rare (like extremely rare) that I ever tick everything off my list for the day.

Don’t ask me why… When you’re managing a team of copywriters, multiple projects… plus your own personal clients… stuff just happens!

No surprises, right?

Anyway, on yesterday’s call, Selise said something different to me as her final comment…

I’ll tell you want she said in a minute, but first, understand this…

I’ve had simple tasks on my list where, if I’d finished them, I could send an invoice for tens of thousands of dollars.

But sometimes even those tasks get pushed back. You’d think $10K or $20K would be a good incentive, right?

Not always. Yesterday, as we were ending the call, Selise casually said, “I dare you to tick everything on your list today.”

We both laughed and said good-bye.

But something happened. I was challenged.

Maybe it’s ego? Or pride? Whatever the case.

By 6:30pm last night I completed all my tasks and couldn’t wait to show-off my amazing feat.

Lesson for you is this…

Emotion is 1000 times a more powerful motivator than logic.

$20K was a logical reason.

Conquering a challenge was an emotional reason.

Look what won? Interesting.

So when you next need to motivate your clients or customers… or yourself… make emotion your most dominant trigger.

In your call to action… headline… bullet points… chasing money… motivating staff… or boosting your own productivity.

Remember this… Let it sink in…

Emotion is ALWAYS more motivating and persuasive than logic.

It’s a funny thing psychology and emotion, isn’t it?

I dig deeeeeeep into how YOU can use emotion in your marketing in my book Client Rush on pages 93 – 99 under the “Be A Story Teller” section.

Client Rush 3D BookThe main emotions I try to hit are:






Envy is another powerful one.

I’ve crammed stacks of stories and examples in my book for you to read so you REALLY “Get It”.

I’d feel like I’m cheating you if I didn’t give you a chance to order it now.

Especially since you’re probably racking your brain for Xmas gift ideas, true?

Fair enough, here you go…

Go here to grab a personally inscribed book from me

And who knows… there might be a special unannounced Christmas surprise in there also…

That’s all I’m saying…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. If you want to order multiple copies for Xmas gifts, simply reply to this email and I’ll let you know about the package discount. Talk soon 🙂

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