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June 13th, 2011 |

OK. Hot on the tail of my last post about research and Why Pro-Copywriters Get Paid The BIG BUCKS! I’ve compiled here for you…

The TOP 4 Ways to Learn More
About Your Audience Than An
Eavesdropper At A Gossip Convention!

Let’s get right to it shall we?

  1. 1. Interview

This is a good one. I like to jump on the phone or on Skype and record an interview with my client. Then after the interview I ask my client if they have an ideal customer that I could interview. In both cases I get the recordings transcribed into print (I’ve got a great transcriber if you’re after one) and this gives me awesome usable chunks of copy to slot straight into my sales letter.

You may even want to ring up someone who is in your target audience and take them out for lunch! Who knows… just one sentence could give you the emotional twist that will make all the difference!

  1. 2. Forums

Here’s where you get do to some good sleuthing! Jump on the net and check out some of the online forums for your subject/industry. See what common questions are being asked, what concerns are popping up, what arguments are going on. Forums are a powerful resource for getting insights into how you’re audience are feeling.

  1. 3. Youtube

Another great resource for researching. Type in keywords related to your subject and there’s bound to be a stack of people standing on their soap box having their say and wanting their 15 seconds of fame! Try it – I’ve used it with great results!

  1. 4. Survey

Create a survey that goes out to your target audience. Creating an online survey is simple and basic these days through You can ask questions about price points, expectations, dislikes, frustrations, the works! Keep it as short as possible and try and throw in a free bonus gift as a reward for filling the survey out.

Okay, that’s all for today. Make sure you put this to the test – you won’t be disappointed.

And next post, as promised…My Copywriting Questionnaire Extraordinaire!

Bye for now….

Think big. Be different…



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