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May 25th, 2012 |

The Avengers In Your Biz?


It’s the big rave right now…

The Blockbuster flick, “The Avengers”. Pulse-pumping adrenaline fix for the year…

Six superheroes: Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye

Each with individual ‘gifts’ that, once united, can obliterate any enemy…

(Except Chuck Norris, of course)

So here’s my take on how to posses each of their unique skills… to decimate your competition and be the hero in your niche…

  1. Captain America: Tactical thinker. Under extreme pressure he’ll whip out a strategic action plan with unquestionable confidence. He’ll delegate with such clarity and vision that others are compelled to follow his lead. (Lead with vision and confidence)
  2. Thor – God of Thunder: He knows what his main strength is. His lightening Hammer. He doesn’t waste time picking up swords or guns. He knows what works and he’ll wield the hammer to annihilate his competition. (Know your strengths)
  3. The Hulk: One word, “SMASH”. No time to procrastinate. Doesn’t second-guess. Zero hesitation. There’s only one speed, one focus, one objective: To Smash, conquer and demolish his task. (Don’t get distracted, take focused action)
  4. Hawkeye: As Eben Pagan says, “Get Altitude”. Scale to the highest roof and look down at the whole picture. Keep an eye on what’s working, what’s not and spot the targets that’ll get the best results. (Take time to look at your whole business)
  5. Black Widow: Stay in the fight. Be grounded, stay where the action happens and sharpen your skills with street-smart, practical experience, not just theory or observation. (If you’re going to preach being an expert, get in the trenches and earn your respect)
  6. Iron man. Exude confidence almost to the point of arrogance. Display your skills with dynamic impressive demonstration. And have the intelligence to know your enemy. (Your clients won’t believe you’re the best until you believe in yourself and show them)


Let’s face it… we all need a bit of the avengers within us to triumph our daily battle of entrepreneurship, right?

But if you’re sick of fighting the same daily battle by yourself…

If you want to delegate your marketing to my team of marketing avengers (that’s their new name as of 6 seconds ago)… then let us fight in your place.

Here’s the page that shows the world just how amazing we are when we put our greatest skills to work: Making you moolah.

Check it (You’ll even see some videos of other mortals we have avenged from the clutches of marketing despair)

Our mission: To eradicate your competition and bring you complete domination.

Think big. Be different.

P.S. Tell me… If they had a 7th Avenger, who should it be? Comment below. Over and out…


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