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May 5th, 2010 |
Dear Friend

Geeez… if I made a buck out of everyone asking me this…

“Bret, when are you putting up your website?”

By now… I’d be laying back, feet up, cocktail in hand, sunbaking on the front deck of a luxury yacht sailing around the Greek Islands!

Okay – in truth? I’d probably have around $36 – but here’s my point…

From what started out as a ‘seemingly’ small decision to give my business a BOOST – turned out to be a major lifestyle shift! Totally in my favour. And guess what?

Believe it or not… but it’s in your favour too. Keep reading to see what I mean…

“So What am I talking about?”

Let me explain: It was the day when I decided to learn the art of “Emotional Direct Response Copywriting”

And look, at the time; I didn’t exactly wake up in the morning and think, “Hey, you know what? I’m bored, so I might start learning a whole new skill today”

You gotta be kidding – Far from it – in fact, after 15 years of slogging away for a boss, managing a multi-million dollar business, babysitting (opps, I mean ‘managing’) 15 staff, running sales teams… making my boss RICH!

Plus – on the home front – trying to be the best Dad I could be to my three gorgeous boys (my little best mates) as a single father. (More on that later)

Then, 18months of trying to get a new business concept off the ground! Unsuccessfully… although not a regret! So yeah… you could say… I wasn’t really busting out of the seems excited to learn a whole new skill from scratch. But here’s what happened…

In what amazed even the most seasoned marketing and copywriting guru’s in Australia, I humbly went from zero, just writing my own copy, to having a line up of some of Australia’s greatest marketers and entrepreneurs knocking at my door – cash in hand – begging and pleading me to write copy for their business!

Weird??? – Damn right – Very weird I thought – Considering that this all happened in just the first 6 months!

But what happened in the following 6months was even a bigger shock!

Was it beginners luck? Well, that was a safe theory early on, but after months and months of continuous successful letters, emails and ads that were getting unprecedented response rates AND sales… Well… that theory wore pretty thin.

So why the sudden mass attention to my copywriting? Well, it obviously wasn’t my good looks or charm, nor a long list of testimonials to refer to. You wanna know what it was?

The answer is simple.


No smokes or mirrors – No B.S – No Hype – just good ol’ fashion black and white, rock solid measurable results.

Can’t argue with the truth right? And get this…

I thought – It’s time to have a red-hot shot for myself!

I decided to put my “new found skill” into action for my own business. I mean after all… I had already helped dozens of other business owners make blistering profits, over and above what they had ever expected. So now it was my turn!

A good mate of mine, Andy, over a couple of glasses of red, decided to go 50/50 in an offline direct mail business.

Cut a long story short – I took a product that was selling for $498 and re-wrote the copy to my standard; added a few extra steps and components; then put it to the test. Here’s what happened.

I was able to sell the exact same product for $1497 (3 X the price) PLUS! I out sold every other distributer in other states by more than double! – Often triple!

Amazingly – My sales letter had a 22% sales rate. Unheard of in the direct mail business. We made $125,000 in 4 months, starting from scratch!

DAMN! This stuff really works!

And then the unthinkable happened…

BANG! Out of the blue…

The business was gone! The guy who owned the rights for the product ended up selling out to someone who wanted all of the marketing rights. No big deal.

So I re opened my doors and started writing copy for other people. And just like last time – the results were staggering! I was writing copy for some of the greatest marketers in Australia AND exceeding their expectations (not an easy feat I hear)

And then “the phone call” – the call that every copywriter dreams of…

It was Mal Emery – easily the country’s No.1 Emotional Direct Response Marketing genius Aka: Australia’s Millionaire Maker.

He’d seen the copy I was punching out, and little did I know, was secretly keeping track of my successes.
In Mal’s own words… “I realized that Bret was the guy I wanted as my personal copywriter. His pure talent will make me a lot more money than I would have to pay him”

Sounds good to me. So he gave me an offer too good to refuse… and as they say, “The rest is history”.
So what’s that got to do with you?

Here’s the scoop. Sure… I’m pretty busy with Mal’s stuff, but occasionally I do take on the odd job for people here and there.

The last guy that snuck into my schedule needed my help to fill a seminar room to a cold list. I whipped out a “guns-are-blazing” sales pack and here’s what happened…

He got a 12.5% take up rate off the first letter! That’ll probably net him around $100,000 in 2days.

Anyway… I’ve gotta fly now… if you wanna touch base with me and see if I can help you, then email me now at – give a quick overview of your project and then I’ll decide if we go the next step.

So what is the next step anyway?

Good question. I have a copywriting questionnaire that will help me (and you) get inside the head of your client – because then (and only then) is when the ‘magic happens’ with copy.

Anyway, keep an eye out for some emails from me. I plan to share some hot copy tips that anyone, anytime, anywhere, can simply implement immediately into their marketing strategies that will dramatically BOOST response.

Worth reading – stay tuned!

Bye for now

P.S. I occasionally pass on some free un-announced gifts, so it’ll pay to stay!

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