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June 5th, 2012 |

How To Get Killer Copy For Under $500

I was interviewed last night via podcast by my good mate and blogging expert, Yaro Starak.

(Recording available next week)

I gotta say… I surprised myself just how amazing, intelligent and

awesome even, I sound sometimes.


He threw this question at me near the end of the call:
“Okay Bret, knowing that top copywriters, like yourself, won’t take on a project under the 10K mark. And knowing that only big players can really justify spending that much…. But what about the small fish that might only have a budget of say $500 or maybe a few thousand?”

I have to say… I came up with a cracker of an answer.

Problem was… it was ½ an hour AFTER the interview finished.

(I hate that)

At the time, I revealed how I have a team of kickass “Marketing Avengers” who I co-write with, where we tackle smaller to middle size jobs.

Another option is to invest in an affordable copywriting course (based on their budget) so they can learn this craft for themselves.

I also mentioned they should start building up their own swipe file of winning sales letters, emails, landing pages, video sales letters,headlines,bullet points, graphics, whatever they come across, to arm themselves for battle.

Notice how I didn’t mention investing in a B-grade copywriter? Why? To be blunt…

Bad copy will COST you money!

The penny pinchers might save a few bucks at the front end… then forever be cursed with below average sales and repel customers from then on…

Moving forward…

Here’s the answer I thought of AFTER we ended the interview. And you need to know this. What I should have added was…

Get an A-class copywriter to critique your sales copy

Word-by-word… line-by-line…

It’s the closest you’ll get to me sitting down and writing your sales copy for you! How it works is… I will…

… Analyze (and intensify) the headline so it jolts the reader into a frenzy of desire

… Strip the offer down to the bone and re-build it so it’s brain-dead irresistible

… Inject the bullet points with bionic power so they feel helpless to your persuasive powers

… Shake out boring flatline chunks of copy and replace it with snappy conversational flow

… Polish the overall look & feel to eliminate any possible sales-friction from the get go

… And unleash an unstoppable barrage of big idea and marketing insights just for you

Yep… that’s the best solution if you’re on a shoestring budget and want fast results.

So… I s’pose you wanna know how much you’d have to invest for me to overhaul your sales copy like that, right? Look, there’s a good chance I might regret this. It’s pretty insane, but I’ll plunge ahead anyway…

Instead of my usual $1,500 critiquing fee…

Get this: If you’re one of the first 10 (and only 10) people who shoot us a message through the “Contact Me” tab at the top right of this page, I’ll give you one of my LIVE critiques over Skype for a measly $497.00.

So it’s me and you… on Skype…

Dissecting your sales letter LIVE in real time

(Side note: If you came across this post too late, then don’t shoot the messenger if the price has gone back up to normal)

When we start the LIVE critique, I’d strongly suggest you record it. And I’d encourage you to have a pen and paper on hand and catch everything I say. Cos once I’m on a roll… you’d have a better chance of stopping Niagara Falls with a paper cup…

PLUS (and this is cool), I’ll give you access to my private million-dollar swipe file for any piece of winning sales copy related to your market.

But know this… You’ll have to qualify to make the final 10…. I’ll be extracting some info from you first… before I accept you, fair enough? Good.

So, if this message caught you at the right time, then here’s what I want you to do, I want you to click the “Contact Me” tab above and shoot us a brief (very brief) summary of your business. I don’t want an essay at this stage. Keep it simple.

I’ll reply personally to you and start the ball rolling…

And before you know it…you’ll have razor sharp sales copy that’ll mesmerize your clients into a buying frenzy… for under $500? Sweet deal, my friend.

Speak soon…

Think big. Be different.

Bret Thomson

P.S. This is ESPECIALLY good timing if you’re about to launch a product in any way. And one more thing… you’d wanna hope your competition doesn’t see this email 😉 So go ahead and shoot us a message now so we can start chatting…

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